Giving you the tools and 
                 guidance to be the best you 
                     that you can be!
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Health and Wellness with 
Amanda Fedor, CC,RYT,B.S. 
Life Coaching and Yoga

As a Certified Life Coach, I am here to provide you with the motivation and right tools to help you get the goals you desire!  As a Certified Yoga Teacher, I give to you all the benefits of Yoga combining mind, body, and spirit into your practice.  Giving you the care, attention, concern, and tools that you deserve.

"I cannot give enough appreciation to Amanda for sharing the love of Yoga with me.  It has changed my life and made me present in the moment and happy,"  -Tiffany

"I came to Amanda when I could not find me in this world.  Amanda helped me figure out the block in my life and remove it allowing me to move forward and be happy and proud in everything I do," -Michelle
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